Time to paint

I haven’t posted a blog on this site for a while now. I guess I stumbled, felt unsure. My experience of myself and others tells me there is a need to hear inspirational tales, get help to develop plans and find confidence and encouragement to help us move forwards. That in essence was what my bold-souls site is all about.

However, as is common, we start to doubt and ask questions. I don’t want to just end up with some personal diatribe and need to overcome the doubts I have. I read a quote recently by Vincent van Gogh…it goes like this….

” If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced”.

I don’t know if people will get this blog but I’m still going to write it. Following a recent conversation I feel sure that we need a way, a place and a format for asking difficult questions, for finding a way to reflect and ensure we get the most from life.

In the past days I read a sad headline yet one that is at the very heart of why we can’t just sit around and be complacent. It told of a lady that having recovered from breast cancer and just celebrated a final treatment she died suddenly of other causes. Our time here is precious yet we act as if we will live forever. Quite simply…..we won’t.

We are all in different situations, have various commitments and responsibilities but the single thing we all share is that we all have just one life. Looks like we all need to overcome our doubts and obstacles and pick up that metaphorical paintbrush.