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Lifting your thinking.

I love being in the mountains. It’s not always easy to reach the top yet, on arrival, one is rewarded with great views, cleaner air and a sense of accomplishment. The opportunity to look back, assess the route taken and get an overall picture of the landscape and environment. I also find this is an environment that encourages reflection and the time to think.

Lifting one’s thinking is then both practical and metaphorical. Taking time,  looking down, making an assessment of the overall scene. Far too often we just get caught up.

Often is referred to as taking the helicopter view it’s one of many approaches to strategising, understanding, reviewing and moving forwards. While we may be encouraged to do this in our work environments we rarely apply the same energy and approach to our personal lives.

Taking time out, which I’m lucky enough to currently be doing, provides a fabulous opportunity to determine what we really want to do. So go on…make time. Go for a walk, find a quiet corner, ride your bike. Make space and time in a way that suits you. Don’t waste chances by not taking time to reflect, make changes and live your dream.

Lift your thinking.