Meet the author

I’ve been stuck a few times. Consequently I’ve made some changes. Currently aged 38, single and cycling the globe with a guy I met three times before departure.

I moved cities when life got stagnant and am cycle touring to fulfil a dream of adventure. On making both these decisions people have told me I have been brave. I am courageous. They tell me they wish they could do the same.

Both these moves have been pushed by the same desire – to live without regret. For my first big move I had a plan to move, a goal for my career and a need to find my mojo again. It worked – briefly  – then workplace changes accelerated a second, much needed personal change. It was then I decided to make a more drastic, less conventional move. I set out to cycle the globe.

Like everyone else I still have dreams and ideas. Some will come to fruition. Some plans will never leave the drawing board. While I’ll always be the final decision maker no doubt others will help me on my journey – family, friends and people I may never meet.

For a number of years I was also fortunate to have help from a professional coach. Asking poignant questions and providing various frameworks from which to view and assess a situation. I had studied an MBA and while business orientated I believe many of the templates and techniques that apply to business development can be applied to the self.

I thrive off new ideas. I love seeing people follow their dreams. I hope this new site will inspire you to follow yours.


Right now I am fulfilling my dream of travel and cycling. Currently in New Zealand I have now ridden almost 25, 000km including trips over Thorong-la in Nepal (5,416m) and completed a 12, 00km journey from Cairo to Capetown.

It’s a big dream and I’m fortunate to be able to do this but rest assured I am no athlete.
Despite hating sport in my younger years aged 30 I decided to change and have since run three marathons, numerous half marathons and a few training runs. This is why I believe we can all set and achieve new goals.

More conventionally…

B.A. Hons, Theology and religious studies, Bristol University
M.A. Buddhist studies, Bristol University
M.B.A. Cranfield University

I started work in waste and recycling both from a practical and community campaign level, completed my MBA then moved to Scotland to establish a new charity supporting new start social entrepreneurs. On leaving almost five years later our turnover was almost £1M and we were helping many new start enterprises get going.

There is of course much more I want to do. I want to keep living boldly.