Sometimes you just gotta jump.

As we cycled through New Zealand it seemed there were opportunities to bungee at every bridge or skyline landmark. The land of adventure; a list of accomplishments.

Given I seem to have an ever increasing fear of heights this was a no, no for me, yet for many the thrill of leaping from a variety of platforms does, it seems, hold a great appeal. As I stood there watching these thrill seekers I couldn’t help but compare the act of bungee jumping with the process of change. Courage, fear, anticipation, excitement, relief. The levels at which these emotions are wrapped up can of course vary significantly on the decisions we are making.

We all have a different capacity for dealing with change. While some of us constantly seek something new there are many for whom a move from what is constant, stable and known to us is much harder. It’s easy to say but even when change is tough I have always tried to see the positives. We may not always be in control of what happens to us but we are in charge when we decide how we will react.

Making an active decision to jump off that cliff may be one of the toughest choices you ever have to make. For most people who bungee, despite stepping nervously, legs shaking and eyes confused between trying not to look while catching small glimpses of what’s to come, additional reassurance will come from safety records, from the harness they are attached to and of course the people supporting them to step off that edge.

It’s much easier to make changes and be in control than to act positively when others make decisions for you. So, get a harness, glimpse to the future and get folks around you but if you need to jump…..don’t put if off forever. That harness really will tie you in knots.