All things new.

New year. New zealand. New blog.

I arrived in Auckland on New Years Eve for what would be the next stage of my world bike trip. Once again, travelling with my cycle buddy John we were about to embark on another adventure.

As we’ve been travelling people often comment regarding the courage and bravery such a trip would take. While occasionally this is meant in relation to either our cycling or countries we are visiting, more often it seems to refer to the decision we took to sell houses and leave everyday life. On telling people we were virtually strangers before we set off many believe we are even more crazy.

In looking back at changes I’ve made the more significant one for me was in choosing to leave a city I loved, friends I loved and work I generally enjoyed because life felt stagnant….and I just can’t do that. Big adventures may often be the things that make people go wow, and they are of course amazing routes to take, but, we all have choices. We can all make changes and we can all live more positively.

I’ve decided to start this second web site because I want encourage others to move forwards – to live life to the full, to get out of a rut and to take active decisions for themselves. I enjoy writing and wish to continue this beyond my bikemind site.

It won’t of course give all the answers, after all, only you, deep down know what you really want but hope what I’ll do is share thoughts, tools, motivation and stories that may help on your journey. I hope you’ll like it. If you do, please share,  subscribe and please do give me your feedback. This post is merely an introduction. I hope you like the concept.

Be a bold-soul.